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Hotel Villa Cheta, Maratea, Basilicata

Restaurant Villa Cheta EliteHotel Villa Cheta Elite, housed in an elegant Art Nouveau Villa with gorgeous sea views, lies within a few kilometres of the centre of Maratea.
This fully renovated hotel combines warm hospitality and exceptional service with a tastefully designed environment characterised by luxury furnishings.
Hotel amenities include a restaurant with panoramic terrace, a cosy bar and private parking.
The beach below the hotel can be reached within minutes.

The building has remained more or less as it was in order to help maintain the villa's delightful balance. The number of rooms has been kept to a minimum, just as in days gone by, much to the pleasure of guest who are able to enjoy greater privacy.
Expensive materials, lace and antique mirrors adornHotem Villa Cheta Maratea, Balcony every room, none of which are the same. You can admire the crystal clear sea along the Tyrrheanian coast or the splendid garden containing hundred-year-old trees and colourful flowers from every room.

The restaurant is the hotel's pride and joy and its cuisine is simple yet elegant. Particular attention is paid to traditional dishes of the area and a genuine "reverence" is displayed for local ingredients.
The wine list is also extremely full, and favours the most original and unknown wines from the south of Italy, which are continuing to gain recognition at an international level.Rooms at Hotel Villa Cheta Elite
Dining by candlelight with silver cutlery under the pergola on the terrace, listening to long forgotten, old tunes and letting yourself be trasported back to the enchanting atmosphere of past times is one of the summertime attractions.
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